Manaslu Region Trek

The Manaslu region is a newly introduced trekking destination of the western central Nepal. It is a improvised trail circuit of Manaslu Himalaya adjusted among the Great Himalaya Trails. For those who are not aware of this trekking destination it is the improvised and independent tourist destination in the Annapurna region on of Nepal. The Himalaya of Manaslu is the 8th highest peak with this fascinating double pointed peak. The enchanting view of the double point peak of Mount Manaslu from the various region is the main attraction going through the majestic natural surroundings and landscapes naming it among the best touring destinations. Manaslu Region is the native of world famous Tsum Valley civilization which is marked by World Heritage Organizations.

Around Manaslu Trek

Around Manaslu Trek is the tough and fearless trekking around the Manaslu Himalayan Range. Manaslu is one of the 8000m above crests arranged in the Gorkha region, northwest of Kathmandu, near the Tibetan border of Nepal. Manaslu T...
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