Mansarobar Kailash tour


The Mansarobar Kailash tour is one of the most popular religious tour of South East Asia and is one of the most popular tourist destination of the globe. The Mansarobar Kailash tour is a travel to holy Mansarobar Lake and holy Mount Kailash residing in the borders of Nepal, India and Tibet. This region of Mansarobar Lake and Mount Kailash is a religious pilgrim for almost all religion of Asia namely Hindus, Buddhists, Jains, Bons, Tibetans and others. The Mansarobar lake and Mount Kailash is considered as the origin of life in south east asia being the source of water and nature. All the major rivers of south east asia are originated from Mount Kailash namely Karnali River, Indus River, Sutlaj River and Brahmaputra River resulting the ancient river civilizations of these rivers in South East Asia. In summery it can be said that Mount Kailash and Mansarobar Lake is the origin and mother of human civilizations of the South East Asia.

Mount Kailash is resided in the western side of Tibet in the borders of Nepal, India and China and considers as religious pilgrimage region of Buddhists, Hindus, Jains and Bon-po religion around the world. The Mansarobar Kailash tour considered as a spiritual travel adventure and pilgrimage travel adventure to the origin and mother of human civilization.  In different religion of Asia the Mount Kailash and Mansarobar region is important in various forms like for Hindus the Lord Shiva is living in Mount Kailash while for Buddhists, Jains and Bon-pos this region is the central point of the Universe. The main activities during the Mansarobar Kailash tour is the parikrama or walking all round the Mount Kailash and a shower in Holy Lake Manasarovar Lake. The main reason behind this religious activities and religious tour is desire for salvation and pay homage to great mighty god.

The trekking experience around Mount Kailash is delightful experience passing through unspoiled nature encompassed by pleasant Himalayas. The general Mansarobar Kailash tour begins from Kathmandu passing through Kodari highway ending at Nyalam border point of Nepal and Tibet. After this region the travelers enter in to the china’s territory known as Tibet to rest of the world. The travelers traverse the various Tibetan settlements named as Dongba, Lake Mansoravar, Darchen, Yama Dwar and a couple of other Tibetan regions. The other attractions of Mansarobar Kailash tour are Tirthapuri, Gauri Kund, Yama Dwar, Asthapad and Tarboche. The Manasarovar Lake is the most wonderful and holy lake of Asia with the boundary of 90km. It is called as ‘The Unconquerable Lake’ by the Tibetans as it is resided at the proud elevation of 15015 ft.