Lhasa Tour


Lhasa Tour gives the travelers to experience the ancient land of Tibet generally known as roof of the world due to the high altitude location of the country. The Lhasa city is the capital of Tibet which is now the part of Peoples Republic of China which is the center point of Tibetan governmental issues, economy, society and religion. The Lhasa has become one of the most visited and popular tourist destinations due to its one of kind landscape and legendry legacy over Tibetan society and religion.

The Lhasa city is located on the banks of Lhasa River and is famous for legendary Potala Palace along with other religious establishments. In Lhasa the travelers encounter the highlighted social, religious and cultural establishments known as Potala and Norbulinkha castles, Drepung Monastery and Barkor Bazaar. The city of Lhasa is situated at the height of 3650 meters above ocean level towards the northern bank of Kyichu waterway. Lhasa city is the center of governmental issues, economy, society and religion in Tibet. The age old religious communities and sanctuaries in the city have been the center of tourist attraction along with its protected numerous recorded relics, Buddhist sacred writings, expressions, and artworks.

Lhasa Tour begins from Kathmandu International Airport after travelers take one hour flight from Kathmandu to Lhasa which can be considered as a mountain flight as it circles and passes through highest mountain of the world. The airplane flight to Lhasa will offer the travelers the views of highest mountains of the world known as Mount Everest, Mount Shisapanama, Mount Cho-Oyu and other Himalayas. After landing at Lhasa City the travelers experience the Lhasa city by visiting all the tourist destinations of Lhasa which are the Jhokhang Temple, the clamoring Barkhor Streets, the magnificent Potala royal residence, the Holy Derpung and sera cloisters. In the end of the travel adventure the travelers will take a flight back to Kathmandu International Airport.