Holy Tour ( Pashupati Nath, Boudha Nath, Swayambhunath) ( One day Tour )


Holy Tour is a fun, exciting, spiritual and historical tour expedition where travelers will encounter some of the ancient sanctuaries of South Asia which is said to be older than the country itself and it is been there before the country is born. The Holy Tour takes us to three destined location of Kathmandu city which is said to be in exist before the country of Nepal was existed. The three destined location of Holy Tour are Pashupati Nath, Boudha Nath, Swaymbhunath which are also the World Heritage Sites because of its uniqueness.

The brief description for each of the holy destinations for Holy Tour is motioned in following paragraphs.

The Sanctuary of Pashupatinath

Pasupati-Nath-TempleThe Holy Hindu Temple of Pashupatinath is situated on the bank of scared Baghmati River. It is a short journey of 20 minutes ride on the way towards the Kathmandu International Air Terminal. This ancient Temple of Pashupatinath is committed to Lord Shiva incorporated of four silver doors around it and a Pagoda style golden roof above. This spot is overflowed with pilgrims amid the favorable time in February according to Hindu Lunar schedule of “Shiva Ratri” from all around world. It is the place of cremation of Hindu and cremation ceremonies of Hindus. 


The Stupa of Boudha Nath

Boudhanath StupaBoudha Nath is among the UNESCO world heritage sites of Kathmandu valley and one of the holiest Buddhist stupa of South Asia. It is located 11km away from the heart of the capital city on the northeastern side. The stupa’s enormous size and Mandala signifies it as one of the biggest round stupas of Nepal and South Asia. It is said to be of 590-604 CE old and was dig up in 15th century renovated in established as Bouthanath Stupa. Travelers will experience Buddhist explorers from Tibet, Nepal, China and other nationals going round the stupa revolving the petition to God.


The stupa of Swaymbhunath

sacred-hill-600Swaymbhunath lies in the west of Kathmandu Valley on one of the highest peak of the city offering the opportunity to witness the cityscape of kathmandu. This place is one of the oldest sanctuaries which is said to be established in the beginning of the 5th century CE. This sanctuary is established with “All Seeing Eyes of Buddha “at four sides of the Stupa. Swaymbhunath Sanctuary offers fabulous perspective of Kathmandu valley and during the unmistakable fine weather the perspectives of Langtang, Ganesh and Jugal Himalayan ranges are seen from the place.