Trishuli River Rafting

Trishuli white river Rafting is one of the most popular destination for the river rafting in Nepal. The Trishuli river rafting point is at the distance of 38 km from Kathmndu which is easily accessed from the Kathmandu as well from Pokhara which is also one of the reason for making the rafting much preferred option for everyone. Also the rafting trip is available for the most of the seasons around the year in Trishuli. Trishuli River goes along the Prithvi Highway passing through forests and local villages Till Mungling Popular Highway-food-market then, leaving the Highway north-west, the river turns to the south-west, towards Chitwan National Parks. The Trishuli White water river rafting longs according to the various river days packages available. We operate Trishul river water rafting of 38km distance of the various days packages from Baireni to Simaltal. Best season for the Trishuli river rafting is from September to December and January to May.