Suklaphanta jungle safari

Suklaphanta Wildlife reserve is located in south western part of the country. Suklaphanta jungle safariLying in the lowland of Terai the wildlife reserve was established in the year 1976 and covers an area of 305 sq km and Buffer Zone covers and area of 243.5 sq km. Suklaphanta Wildlife Reserve is the home of 350 species of birds including sarus crane, flycatcher, egrets, stroks, eagle, herons, grass owl, warblers, swamp francolin, Bengal florican, peacock, 21 species of fish including mahasheer, tenger and rohu, reptiles including python, cobra and marsh mugger and gharial crocodile, mammals including barking deer, wild elephant (50), Royal Bengal tiger (35), swamp deer (2000), spotted deer, hog deer, wild boar, jackal, leopard, langur and rhesus monkey and some one-horned rhinoceros were translocated from Chitwan National Park in 2000.

The primarily sal trees are in the forest with khair and sissoo also are along the riverside and several grasslands. Sukla Phanta is the stronghold for another endangered animal- you can get the chance to spot the barasingha, or swamp deer. Suklaphanta reserve also holds Nepal’s largest breeding population of Bengal floricans and hispid hare.  Suklaphanta literally menas white grasslands and it blooms with white seed head in winter. Singphal Temple (Shiva Temple), Machan (view tower) as well as the ethnic tharu people are the interesting things you can see in the Suklaphanta wildlife reserve. We offer the Suklaphanta jungle safari package of 2 nights 3 days, and 3 nights 4 days according to your requirements.