Chitwan jungle safari

Chitwan jungle Safari is one of the best way to explore the endangered wildlife of the Nepal.Chitwan jungle safari It is done in the southern jungles of the Royal Chitwan National park which is five hours by road from Kathmandu or a 25 minute flight Royal Chitwan Park is listed in the world Heritage site in 1979  covering 932 sq km covered with deciduous forests overlooking the floodplains of Narayani, Rapti and Reu rivers. The forest is the home to the various species of wildlife including endangered native species like one horned rhinoceros which are less than 1500 and protected inside the park as well as the royal Bengal tiger which is major center of attraction during the jungle safari.

Beside that elephant, tiger, gaur, one horned rhino, red panda, Sambar, wild dog and leopard etc brings down all the people to roam around the jungles of chitwan. The Chitwan National Park itself includes 420 species of birds so the interesting time  for the bird watchers to see the species like Pheasants, Kingfishers, Eagles and many other prey birds. The visitors can either opt out for the elephant rides or ride through the jeeps during their journey through the forest. Canoeing on the Rapti or Narayani rivers are the additional features inside the jungle. You could probably see the Gangetic Dolphin splashing in the rivers. Chitwan Jungle safari gives you an opportunity to enjoy the full contrast of the country Nepal. The 6 premiere jungle resorts in the park provide the accommodation normally in double thatch cottage style rooms. A typical package is based on a two nights / three days stay. We offer the Chitwan Jungle Safari package of 4 days.